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Preparing for the Future of Translation: 4 Steps to Incorporating CAT-tools

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Last month, Kirti Vashee contributed a blog titled Global Village: The World is Going and Growing Online. He discusses the impact that the growth of the internet is having on businesses around the world, including the increased need for content to be made available in multiple languages. It is no wonder that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29% growth in employment for interpreters and translators from 2014 to 2024.[1] However, the way we do our job in 2024 will surely be significantly different than how we do our job today. So, what can we do to prepare? As...
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Global Village

Global Village: The World Is Going and Growing Online

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A Global Village The Internet World Stats (IWS) organization just reported that we have reached a point, where 1 in 2 people in the world have some kind of access to the internet. I believe this is an especially significant moment; reaching 50.1% Internet user penetration in the world is a historical occasion! What does this mean to online businesses? Well, it means several things: The IWS database shows there are now 3,675,824.813 Internet users in the world. All these users are potential customers for businesses looking to expand online. People across the world can now contact and interact with each other easily and...
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#LanguageAccess. What is your biggest Challenge? – Survey Results

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Language Access Challenges Gearing up for our fifth annual International Language Services Conference, we wanted to prepare for a diverse discussion between shareholder groups about the biggest challenges in #LanguageAccess by circulating a short survey. Click on each of the three questions to see the results. 1. What stakeholder position best describes your role in #LanguageAccess?2. How would you describe your biggest challenge in that role? Sample responses from each category "Being seen as part of the 'team;' Being able to access information about the patient that would normally be freely given to others who are recognized as colleagues"− Integrating Language Access...
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Accuracy—it doesn’t mean what you think it means!

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A few recent interpreting encounters have inspired me to take a deeper look at the meaning of some of the ethical tenets for professional interpreters. What I've found is that they do not always mean what we think they do at first look, and each tenet is not independent of the others. Rather, they build upon and borrow from each other. Let's look at accuracy. One might interpret accuracy to mean a lack of errors: Types of errors include: Omission, addition, or substitution Literal translation Grammar or syntax errors Lexical errors Distortion Incorrect register Errors in paralinguistic features (Source: "Building...
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