Interpreting Services

Whatever your spoken or sign language communication needs may be, MasterWord has a solution for each setting and encounter. Explore the many interpreting options offered by MasterWord.

Whatever your spoken or sign language communication needs may be, MasterWord has a solution for each setting and encounter. Explore the many interpreting options offered by MasterWord.

Why choose MasterWord interpreting services

In-person Interpreting

With an extensive network of experienced, professional, and highly qualified interpreters, MasterWord has the resources to provide in-person interpreting services in over 250+ language combinations. Our in-person solutions include both consecutive and simultaneous modes and are customized to meet our client’s specifications.

Remote interpreting

MasterWord offers a variety of remote interpreting solutions for each situation, including Over-the-Phone, Video Remote and Virtual consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. Our on-demand remote solutions are available in several languages instantly, while our scheduled solutions connect you to 250+ languages and specialties.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

MasterWord specializes in communication access solutions and offers a full array of Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind services. All of our interpreters are highly qualified and certified professionals with experience to provide excellent communication outcomes in diverse settings.

Interpreting Solutions tailored to your needs

Experienced in a broad range of industry sectors, our subject matter experts will partner with your team to design comprehensive solutions that meet your unique needs and requirements 


Whether you are negotiating an international project or collaborating with multilingual, multicultural teams, MasterWord offers comprehensive interpreting and translation solutions for national and international remote and in-person business meetings.

& Events

MasterWord’s team of language professionals can help your participants feel welcomed and engaged at your event through professional interpreting, translation, and language support management services.  


MasterWord’s team of professional and technically qualified language professionals can help your technical support team communicate with non-English speaking customers. 


MasterWord’s team of professional and qualified language professionals can help your customer service team communicate with non-English speaking clients/customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

MasterWord recruits interpreters through professional associations and forums, conferences, job fairs, job boards, trusted referrals, university partnerships, student and alumni networks, community organizations, diversity programs, training events, webinars, and through a variety of initiatives, including our Wellness Connection®. 

MasterWord is certified in compliance with ISO 13611:2014 Guidelines for Community Interpreting. Our interpreters’ qualifications are verified in conformance to this International Standard by seeking documented evidence of successful completion of language proficiency test, or other evidence of language proficiency in the interpreter’s working language(s) at a level recognized as adequate for interpreting. For example:  

  • National of State certification or licensure administered by a professional or government certifying agency—OR— 
  • A recognized degree or educational certificate in interpreting—OR— 
  • Successful completion of a language proficiency and/or interpreting assessment—OR— 
  • Membership in a national register of interpreters with clear qualification criteria 
Linguistic Competency Cultural

Awareness of linguistic styles and register. 

Knowledge of applicable subject area and specialized terminology. 

Understanding of regional varieties and accents. 

Familiarity with all involved cultures and belief systems. 

Awareness of underlying assumptions. 

Ability to act as a cultural broker. 

Exhibiting stereotype-free behavior. 

Understanding of the interpreter role. 

Delivering accurate and complete interpretations. 

Ability to manage communication flow. 

Using appropriate positioning skills. 

Knowledge of and adherence to professional code of conduct and code of ethics 

Exhibiting neutrality and impartiality 

Safeguarding privacy and confidentiality 

Knowledge of and adherence to professional code of conduct and code of ethics. 

Exhibiting neutrality and impartiality. 

Safeguarding privacy and confidentiality. 


Attention to detail. 

Ability to perform under pressure. 

Ability to handle multiple priorities and quickly shift between tasks. 

Ability to practice sound judgement and manage change. 

Conference Community &
Public Services
Judicial Services Healthcare Education Technical 
Conference interpreter credentials (ex., AIIC3)–OR–validated prior experience and academic preparation as a conference interpreter. Demonstrated understanding of family protective/social services, housing, and other community-based and social-based systems and services. Federal, state or national certification or licensure (where required/available) – OR – must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the presiding authority, the ability to interpret court proceedings. NBCMI or CCHI nationally certified– OR – must pass MasterWord’s Health Care Interpreter Assessment® (HCIA). Demonstrated understanding of U.S. education systems and programs– OR – holds related certification or academic preparation. Specialized education and/or technical experience in the subject domain (preferred) – OR – min. 2 yrs of applicable interpreting experience. 

1. Resume & Credentials Review

  • Review educational & experience background
  • Ensure minimum qualification requirements are met

2. Vetting Interview & Pre-assessment

  • Conduct phone interview to vet career interest(s), experience, reasoning abilities & communication skills
  • Perform online pre-assessment*4 as a preliminary test of proficiency

3. Written & Oral Assessment

  • Conduct MasterWord’s Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA®)*5
  • Written test (terminology & usage; ethics & professional conduct)
  • Oral test (interpreting skills; sight translation)

4. Onboarding

  • Perform background check(s) & employment eligibility verification
  • Complete compliance documentation & proof of immunization(s) (where required)
  • Conduct 1st assignment orientation & coaching

*These steps are applicable only to non-certified interpreters. Preference is given to state or nationally certified interpreters.

MasterWord ensures quality through five primary verification of standard requirements, industry and specialty, project or contract specific requirement, and custom service order requirements. Additionally, MasterWord maintains ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management Systems, certified processes and ISO 13611:2014, Guidelines for Community Interpreting and compliant services. Finally, MasterWord’s robust performance indicators and quality management process ensure compliance with all project and client requirements as well as continuous quality assurance and process improvement.

MasterWord understands that our clients rely on our team’s ability to protect the private and confidential nature of the information they may interpret or access in the course of their interpretation. For that reason, MasterWord has implements and enforces a number of professional (standards of practice and code of ethics) and administrative (guidelines, policy, and confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreements) controls to protect our client’s information.


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