Statement Regarding Compliance with Russia-Related Sanctions


In 2008, MasterWord launched a wellness program for employees that evolved into an initiative to help mitigate the lasting effects of high levels of stress and vicarious trauma suffered by language professionals working in healthcare, in court, in jail, with refugees, with child protective services, with victims of abuse, or in war zones. 

Stop Human Trafficking

According to the United Nations, almost every country is affected by human trafficking. As an international company, MasterWord engages with a number of organizations and initiatives, including Texas Businesses Against Trafficking (TBAT), in an effort to increase awareness and reporting, protect and support victims and survivors, and stop this global ailment at every point in the trafficking ecosystem. 

Indigenous Languages

In support of the United Nations 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages and the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, MasterWord is currently supporting initiatives related to the preservation and digitization of indigenous languages. 

Diversity & Social Justice

As a women-owned business that embraces diversity and considers doing business with heart a core value, MasterWord supports several initiatives that assist, elevate, and empower groups that are marginalized or experience inequality.

Support Education

At MasterWord, we believe that to be experts, we have to be students first. Therefore, we not only encourage our teams to be perpetual learners, but also support various educational initiatives and offer mentorship and internship opportunities. 

Industry Participation

Since its establishment in 1993, MasterWord has supported the professionalization of language professionals through the establishment, promotion, and sponsorship ofand membership in professional organizationsMasterWord has also incentivized and sponsored employee participation in membership and leadership roles within professional organizations. 


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