Language Map

Use MasterWord’s language map as an additional tool to help you determine what language(s) your clients may speak by country.

Desktop Language Identification Poster

Our desktop language identification poster lists 20+ of the most common languages. Display this poster in front desks or other public areas to easily identify the language your non-English speaker needs.
Language Identification Card

Language Identification Pamphlet

In case the language you need to identify is not in our Desktop Language ID poster, use our 70+ language ID list pamphlet for an additional 50+ languages to identify your non-English speaker language.

Phonetic Greetings/Short Phrases Guide

Use our phonetic greetings and short phrases in 20 languages to briefly communicate with your client to let them know to hold on while you get language assistance.

Plain English Strategies Guide

When communicating with your Limited English Proficient (LEP) consumers and clients — whether interacting directly or through an interpreter — improve your outcomes with these Plain English Strategies.


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