U.S. Remote

Ukrainian Interpreter (over the phone, remote)

Provide over-the-phone (OPI) language access in Ukranian and English.
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General Duties

We are looking for individuals who speak both Ukranian and English fluently and want to help those who do not speak English. If you meet the requirements listed below and are looking for the flexibility of working on an as-needed basis, please apply today. (Freelance, not Full-Time).

Required Qualifications

  • Have informal or professional interpretation experience 
  • Are fluent in both Ukrainian and English 
  • Successfully complete the language professional onboarding process which consists of pre-assessment, interview, training and language testing, and contract within 72 hours. 
  • Have a high speed internet connection and computer or laptop 
  • Have technical skill with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser. 
  • Available weekdays and weekends during various hours (no standby rates are offered) 
  • Experience in the healthcare industry experience is preferred, although not required (for example, pharmacy tech/pharmacist, nursing home, hospital, hospice, patient tech, practicum hours as part of a nursing program, pharmaceutical rep, CNA, LVN, RN, volunteering at a hospital, etc.). 

Company History

MasterWord Services, Inc. (MasterWord) is an award-winning company and our dedication to our clients and employees make us a leader in the language services industry.

MasterWord has provided translation and interpreting services to over 300 organizations, in over 250 languages, across four different continents.

MasterWord is a company comprised of talented language and project management specialists who make quality a priority. We provide a wide array of language services, such as Technical Translations, Interpretation in person (consecutive & simultaneous), over video (VRI), or by phone (OPI). Our clients include some of the world’s leading businesses, government entities, and non-profits across the globe. We deliver a broad spectrum of solutions in all languages and one of our industry’s quickest response times.


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