The Language Proficiency Assessment tests a person’s ability to communicate in a particular language in four skill areas: listening, reading, grammar and oral expression. The assessment measures proficiency as defined by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Skill Level Descriptions. 

The Language Proficiency Assessment tests a person’s ability to communicate in a particular language in four skill areas: listening, reading, grammar, and oral expression. The assessment measures proficiency as defined by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Skill Level Descriptions. 

Language Proficiency Assessment Features

Language Comprehension

Language Production

Administered Remotely

Technical Requirements


Chrome 30.0+ (Recommended), FireFox 25.0+, Safari 6+, IE 9+


1 Mbps (2 Mbps recommended) 


Quality headphones and microphone or phone 


HD 720p (for online proctored or sign language assessments only) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our full language proficiency test is currently available in Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and Vietnamese. Language proficiency for bilingual staff who speak other languages can also be evaluated by our team of professional evaluators through our abridged language proficiency assessments. Contact us for information regarding a specific language. 


Our Language Proficiency Assessment evaluates the level of command or proficiency an individual has over a language. The full assessment tests listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar that is essential for verbal communication, and oral expression. An optional writing skills component is also available to organizations and businesses who wish to evaluate the in-language writing skills of their bilingual staff. 

At MasterWord, we recognize that each organization or business may have different communication needs depending on the level of complexity of the communication their staff may engage in. For that reason, our Language Proficiency Assessment results report not only provide a percentage score that corresponds to the number of correct responses and points awarded, but also a descriptor of the language proficiency level of the individual in accordance with the ILR Skill Level Descriptions. Our team partners with you to identify the desired level of proficiency based on the communication need. 




Elementary (Level 1) 

Individual is able to communicate minimally with difficulty, understanding short utterances and non-complex written language; particularly where context strongly supports understanding. Fluency is very limited because of hesitations, lack of vocabulary, inaccuracy, or failure to respond appropriately. Understanding is often uneven and misunderstanding is possible. 


Elementary, Plus (Level 1+) 

Individual is able to communicate and understand sentence-length utterances, main ideas and facts pertaining to highly familiar, everyday situations and basic social needs. Can sometimes understand spontaneous face-to–face conversations, short routine telephone calls, and short paragraphs in familiar topics dealing with factual information. 


Limited Working (Level 2) 

In addition to understanding spontaneous and routine conversations, the individual can also understand main ideas and most details from short narratives pertaining to a variety of topics in different time frames or aspects; sometimes having to read the material several times for understanding. Individuals at this level can express their own ideas (although inconsistent) and sustain a semi-fluent conversation about a familiar topic. 


Limited Working, plus (Level 2+) 

Individual is able to understand main ideas and most details of most speech in a standard dialect; however, may not be able to sustain comprehension of propositionally and linguistically complex content. Occasional misunderstandings may still occur; however, repetition is rarely necessary, and misreading is rare. 


General Professional (Level 3) 

Individual is able to read and speak fluently and accurately; understanding all forms and styles of speech in any setting, both familiar and unfamiliar. Shows strong cultural framework and is able to grasp socio-cultural nuances of the message. Can relate inferences to real-world knowledge and understand almost all socio-linguistic and cultural references. 


Proctoring of assessments is utilized to protect test content, confirm the identity of the test taker, and avoid cheating. MasterWord’s assessment has design and administration security measures to protect test content and prevent the consultation of external resources during the test. However, the standard administration of the test does not confirm a test-taker’s identity, nor does it prevent them from consulting other individuals who are present while they complete the assessment.  

Many organizations and businesses that use MasterWord’s assessments opt for proctoring the assessment through their Human Resources department. Additionally, MasterWord offers online proctoring. Contact us for information about our proctoring options. 

Evaluation results for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese are available within 72 hours. Many more languages may require no more than 7 business days for evaluation results to be provided. For rarely requested languages, such as Tigrinya, longer turn-around time may be required. If that is the case, our team will communicate any expected delays with your team prior to scheduling the assessment.

HCIA® Overview

Language Proficiency Assessment Overview

Before taking your Language Proficiency Assessment

MasterWord helps businesses and organizations, who have an ongoing need for testing bilingual staff, establish a testing process that ensures their staff’s language proficiency is evaluated in the most cost and time efficient manner. 

1. Testing

The test is accessible through any device that meets the specifications 24/7. Our Team can also help you decide whether test-takers access the test from their computers or a designated testing area, as well as, the best proctoring scenario. 

2. Mock

Our Team can schedule a Mock or trial assessment to ensure no technical or security features will interfere with the assessment. Additionally, our team can work with your technical support team to ensure all technical requirements are met.

3. Point of

To ensure a smooth and effective testing process, we help our clients identify authorized assessment requesters as well as an appropriate distribution process for testing instructions and the delivery of test results.

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