Language professionals, do you want to get inspired to be mindful?


We all agree that it is not easy to maintain good eating habits.  In our daily lives, we are constantly distracted by assignments, translations, and deadlines.  Additionally, due to our work, we witness things that can take an emotional toll on us.  Meal planning becomes the least important thing on our mind.  These pressures cause us to choose the easiest option for our meals.

This CNN piece talks about an inspiring real-life example of Kathryn Hutchinson, 52-year-old retired teacher, who was diagnosed with prediabetes, suffered from severe arthritis and a history of depression and how a program that uses mindful eating approach changed her life.

“That was really my first feeling of hope that my life could be something different, that it actually could turn around and be good again,” Hutchinson said.

The article gives useful recommendations on how to remain mindful even when you have distractions.

Do you know someone who changed their life through mindful eating? Let us know in the comments.