5 Minute Mini Circuit

03/11/2016 , No Comments

The benefits of physical exercise (link to presentation post) are many. Here’s a quick 5-minute circuit to elevate your heart rate and engage a variety of muscle groups that you can do anywhere! Not enough? Restart the clock and repeat the whole circuit!

Side-stepping: Start with your feet together, standing up tall. Take a wide side-step with your right foot, then bring your left foot to meet it. From there, take a wide side-step with your left foot and bring your right foot to meet it. To intensify the activity, add a little jump when bringing the second foot to meet the first, or bend your knees more to drop your hips a little lower into a modified side-squat.

Heel raises: Hold the back of a chair for stability. With your feet hip-distance apart, start from a standing position and end on your tip-toes. Come back down. Repeat the motion, increasing or decreasing speed to change the intensity.

Get your blood flowing with high-knee marching (try holding out your hands perpendicular to the floor, arms bent at the elbow, and make contact with your knees and hands). For added intensity, try a high-knee jog in place.

For this push-up modification, stand arms’-length from a wall or desk. Place your hands slightly further than shoulder-width apart on the wall or desk. Do a modified push-up, lowering your chest toward the wall or desk.

Do jumping jacks, or for a lower-impact exercise, take a wide step to the side in place of a jump, while simultaneously raising your hands up to your head, arms bent. This is a “low jack”

Stand far enough from a chair that when you lower your hips in a squat, they barely touch the edge of the chair. Keep your chest raised and your core engaged.