Professionals working in healthcare, in court, in jail, with refugees, with child protective services, with victims of abuse, or in war zones most likely experienced high levels of stress, suffered vicarious trauma, or felt vulnerable during the course of their everyday work. Vicarious trauma has been identified as something that affects the performance and wellbeing of certain professionals, such as interpreters, by their experiencing or internalizing someone else’s trauma. Research has confirmed they are vulnerable to vicarious trauma, burnouts, compassion fatigue, or secondary stress as a result of repeated exposure to various traumatic information and experiences.

Drawing from over 25 years of experience in a professional services industry, Ludmila “Mila” Golovine, Founder, President & CEO of MasterWord, a Language Services Provider agency, and an interpreter herself, will speak on the subject of vicarious traumatization not from a scientific but from an insider’s point of view – as a representative of a profession that is vulnerable to this type of trauma. Participants will be provided with real-life applications and tools that can help identify and examine triggers leading to vicarious trauma impacting the wellbeing and performance of service professionals, as well as learn practical steps to prevent and/or mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma  before, during and after these interactions.

Learning Objectives

Define vicarious trauma

Identify the impact of vicarious trauma

Articulate healthy coping strategies in effective self-care

Develop a network of support

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Ludmila Golovine’s Biography

Ludmila Golovine is President/CEO of MasterWord Services, Inc., a global language solutions company that embodies Golovine’s commitment to doing business with heart. As part of her commitment to wellness and mindfulness, she serves on The Jung Center’s Advisory Board of the Mind, Body and Spirit Institute and integrates both practices throughout MasterWord’s operations. As a professional interpreter, Golovine knows first-hand how interpreting, especially in the healthcare, social services, education, and legal arenas, may present challenges such as compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

For the past 10 years, she has applied her skills as a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator to tirelessly help promote health and wellness to those in the language services industry, decrease burnout and increase longevity in this profession.  Her speaking engagements include: University of Texas at San Antonio; Association of Language Companies, International Medical Interpreters Association, American Translators Association, TAHIT Educational Symposium; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Parkland Health and Hospital System; Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters; Children’s Health System of Texas.

The speaker is knowledgable, educated, and articulated. It's the best CHIA presentation I've attended so far!

CHIA Webinar Attendee

Mila was amazing. Her presentation was so informative. I will be using all the tools she shared on a professional and personal level!

CHIA Webinar Attendee

I have not been to many workshops with interpreters from different fields. This was great! Many ideas to process and practice and incorporate in my work.

RID Attendee

Great outlook & outcome. I have gone to other classes with similar title that didn't come close to this one. EXCELLENT thanks!

CHIA Webinar Attendee

All those mentioned [tools] are very important to implement in, not just my work, but my everyday life. Thanks Ludmila!

CHIA Webinar Attendee