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Interpreters often work in stressful situations, such as medical emergencies or end of life conversation, and many others. In the course of our everyday work, we can be subjected to vicarious trauma and at risk of compassion fatigue. In a collaborative effort with our network of wellness professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the MasterWord team has developed an approach to help  interpreters mitigate the risk of vicarious trauma and reduce the impact of stressors we encounter at work.  





7 healing herbs to help with stress and to restore your body naturally

7 healing herbs to help with stress and to restore your body naturally

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You''ll rarely meet a person today who is not stressed or constantly tired; some people just accept it as a part of life that can’t be avoided and just deal with it. It is impossible to eliminate stress completely, that’s for sure! But there are low-cost and effective herbs that can be used to reduce the negative impact of stress and lower the stress hormone Cortisol. Some of these herbs were used by cosmonauts, athletes and military personnel. “It’s likely that you’ve heard about the detrimental effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels and chronic stress can affect every physiological system...
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