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Healing from Within

On Thursday, July 27 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, the 3rd annual Wellness Connection Workshop in collaboration with the Rothko Chapel: ” Vicarious Trauma – Healing from Within.” This was a special presentation by Dr. Alejandro Chaoul, Associate Professor and Director of Education at the University of Texas MD Anderson’s Friends of Integrated Medicine Program as well as a regular presenter at the Rothko Chapel, and David Leslie, Executive Director of the Rothko Chapel.

Outside In – Coping Amidst Suffering, Trauma and Grief

As health care professionals and interpreters, we can experience the emotions of joy, sadness, fear, and anger that we channel from patients and families.  Each time one interprets in the midst of suffering, trauma, or grief, voices and feelings of others may lodge within and can negatively affect our lives and relationships.  Some have called this “emotional germs.”  How do we remain professional and unbiased while experiencing empathy for another? How do we cope with the feelings and thoughts we take with us from an assignment? Using narratives, experiences and information from his ministry as chaplain and his book, The Unwanted Gift of Grief, licensed therapist, Dr. Tim VanDuivendyk will address these issues.

Decrease Stress and Become More Present: The Power of Meditation & Exercise

The second annual Wellness Connection Workshop in collaboration with Friends of Integrative Medicine at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center: “Decrease Stress and Become More Present: The Power of Meditation and Exercise.” This is a special presentation by Dr. Alejandro Chaoul, Associate Professor and Director of Education, and featuring Carol Eddy, Senior Physical Therapist, both from MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Center. This presentation is designed for language professionals to deliver strategies for maintaining our optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Topics covered will be stress management techniques using meditation, breath and exercise, as well as mindful eating.

An Integrative Approach to Managing Stress – Mind-Body Health

The launch of Wellness Connection workshop: “An Integrative Approach to Managing Stress: Mind-Body Health” – a special presentation by Dr. Alejandro Chaoul for interpreters and language professionals who may experience vicarious trauma during the course of their work that can affect their physical, psychological, and emotional states.