Your translation needs vary greatly. And MasterWord’s commitment is to meet them by adapting our human resources, production processes and language technology capabilities. We do this across more than 250 languages to help you achieve the required quality in a cost-effective timeframe to ensure your business success. As your strategic business partner, MasterWord will help you effectively address a wide range of translation challenges to leverage and enhance your international communication and business initiatives.

So what makes us different?

Extensive quality assurance process

Our “5 Sets of Eyes Approach” ensures uncompromised translation quality of high profile content for the most discerning customer. But when it comes to content, translation projects are not one-size-fits-all. We will customize our process and the number of quality assurance steps to meet your budget, quality and timeframe requirements.

A large pool of skilled, competent and loyal translator resources (over 13,000 at last count)

Our translators work only within their clearly identified area of subject matter expertise and many of them have been working with us for over 20 years. Our translator resources are vetted, monitored, respected and nurtured to ensure that we can deliver on our promises on a consistent and continuous basis.

Regular communications and status updates throughout your engagement with our team

Our best processes are supported and enhanced by our ability to understand your translation and localization goals before presenting potential solutions, excellent customer service, and transparent project reporting. In all interactions with MasterWord, you will see that we care and are committed to delivering the highest quality customer experience to you.

High level of data security and audited production process

MasterWord has extensive experience with highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance. We understand privacy and confidentiality, and comply with all digital and process flow requirements for handling Patient Protect Information (PPI) established by HIPAA as well as Material Non Public Information (MNPI) security requirements.

Dedication to community and employee welfare

A company culture that promotes employee welfare with ongoing health and well-being initiatives enhances our on-going commitment to provide pro-bono professional services to those most in need, including refugees, sexual slavery victims and children at risk.

Commitment to be the highest-value and not the lowest-cost provider

We continually invest in streamlining our production processes to make them more cost-effective and efficient. By integrating cutting-edge language technologies and processes to make our service offerings extremely cost competitive, we are able to provide our customers the greatest value. We never compromise on quality standards, yours or ours.

Key parameters of your translation projects

Translation projects can vary in all the following ways:

By Volume Characteristics

A translation challenge that requires a very quick turnaround on a million words a day into 5 languages is different from a complex, 100-page engineering document translation project in which the target audience depends on the translated document to operate and maintain complex machinery. From voluminous user generated content driving eCommerce traffic to your site, to a single sentence in a broadcast around the world promotional video, our processes assure your success, regardless of the project scale.

By Quality Requirements

From critical executive communications to investors, to raw MT quality that is “good enough” for providing critical information to global end customers, and to all projects in between these extremes, we can adjust our production processes to deliver the required quality levels to ensure your international communication needs are successful in achieving your core business mission.

By Turnaround Expectations

Translation for international communications often needs to be executed very quickly. Sometimes, the stakes may be so high that every word matters, and in this situation, translation should not be rushed. Our team will work with you to understand your content, define your quality needs, and balance them with your timeline expectations. Quality, turnaround time and cost have to be balanced in a realistic way. If we promise a specific quality level by a specific date, we deliver. We never take on a project where we cannot balance the quality/time equation to your satisfaction.

By Cost & Budget Constraints

Translation cost is a key driver for any enterprise considering international initiatives. Quality requirements vary for different content and most translation challenges have a variety of potential solutions. In our role as your overall translation subject matter expert, we will provide you a clear, experienced perspective on the available options allowing you to prioritize your timeliness, cost and quality requirements.

Translation Options

Our approach is based on understanding your goals, and knowing that our customers always need to balance cost, time and quality requirements. Our tested flexible translation process and technological building blocks are rapidly adaptable to the very specific needs of your projects. Our team will quickly profile your content, make quality requirement assessments, do initial data analysis and provide the right language technology for your project.

Human Translation Services

This service option delivers uncompromised translation quality by implementing multiple levels of quality assurance necessary for the highest profile documents, following our “5 Sets of Eyes Approach”. Each specific translation project is the result of a five-step process involving:

Industry-qualified professional translator

Professional Editor

Desktop Publisher/Formatter


Project Manager

A more budget-conscious approach is made possible by reducing the levels of QA steps. Thanks to the high caliber and specialization of our translators, we are still able to maintain excellent translation quality.

Deeply Customized MT Systems

We understand what is required to be successful with machine translation and we know that all MT is not equal. The best MT systems result from effective collaboration between skillful and technology-savvy linguists and receptive MT developers. We work with several expert MT developers and provide them with quality leverage through our MT engine focused linguistic services. Our capabilities include:

  • Corpus Analysis and Content Profiling
  • MT Training Data Preparation and Optimization
  • MT Quality Assessment
  • Post-Editor Training
  • Post-Editing Process Management
  • Ongoing and continuous refinement of the custom MT engines.

Customized with your specific content, our MT engines will always outperform the generic MT engines available on the internet.

Lightly Customized MT Systems

Building the best MT systems takes time, and sometimes rapid turnaround is of higher priority. For this user scenario, we have the ability to quickly determine and define critical terminology and do light customization with our expert linguistic steering to provide a minimal but impactful boost to a raw MT engine capability in a very timely manner. In every case we will use our linguistic expertise to enhance your experience by providing you with above average MT output quality.

The Range of Translation Options