CaptureThe Cultural Competency Toolkit is MasterWord’s signature half-day program that provides immediately usable approach for cross-cultural communication with any group.

Included in the training are tools used to model strategies, including the MWS Engagement Model, the 1-2-3 Approach to interacting with people outside of one’s culture. The model focuses on rapport building, establishing equity and relationships of trust that make communication more efficient and meaningful.

Participants learn to exercise these simple strategies across different domains of culture, including communication style (High versus low context), worldview as influenced by collectivism, personal space, importance of body language, societal norms, traditional medicine, and gender roles. While the course is rich in tools and information, it is presented using proven training techniques that leave professional participants feeling excited, informed, and prepared to engage patients, clients, business associates, and colleagues of other cultures.

For healthcare professionals this toolkit satisfies HHS, CMS, and Joint Commission requirements and leads to higher rates of patient satisfaction, compliance with treatment plans, and more efficient encounters.

For Government and Business this training will boost staff job satisfaction and engagement from those with whom they interact.

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