At MasterWord Training and Assessments we pride ourselves on the quality of our training for three reasons:

1. Rich Content
2. Tools that allow for instant assimilation of new strategies
3. Talented and knowledgable facilitators

MasterWord Approved Trainers have access to the full resources of our Training and Assessments Division, including the support and mentorship of some of the best materials and facilitators in the industry.

All MasterWord Approved Trainers need to stay on the cutting edge with the latest knowledge and skills in adult learning, facilitation, needs assessment, measuring the impact of learning programs, and much more. Those reaching out to become MasterWord Approved Trainers must meet the following criteria to be considered for the program:

1. Must provide professional references related to training abilities and presentation skills
2. Must have certifications/degrees related to your area of specialization and at least 2 years of professional experience
3. Must complete prerequisite specialized training and MasterWord’s extensive two-day, Delivering Training: The Master’s Course
4. Those wishing to become Medical Interpreter Trainers must pass the Medical Interpreter Trainer Exam (MITE)
6. Must be following the Association for Talent Development Code of Ethics and codes related to area of specialization
7. Must enroll in the Trainer Maintenance Program (TMP) for MITs.

The Maintenance Program is used to monitor the continued skill development of MWS approved trainers. Maintenance is a way of ensuring that practitioners maintain their skill levels and keep up with developments in the fields of training and interpretation, thereby assuring consumers that an approved trainer provides quality learning facilitation of all MasterWord training, including the Intensive Medical Interpreter Training.


  • To ensure the quality and effectiveness of educational opportunities provided for approved trainers.
  • To establish standards for professional development.
  • To provide a framework for maintenance, guaranteeing full and fair participation for all approved trainers.

For more information about how to become a MWS approved trainer email