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Website Localization - Essential for Your Global Outreach

If a customer has to work to translate your message or cannot relate to it, you’ve lost them.

A well localized website helps:

  • Build credibility
  • Increase customer and/or employee engagement
  • Promote global brand recognition
  • Benefit SEO efficiency

Website Localization Process

The process of website localization involves adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context – much more than the simple translation of text. This modification process must reflect specific language and cultural preferences in the content, images and overall design and requirements of the site based on the target local audience – all while maintaining the website integrity. The process of website localization is complex and involves different levels of adaptation.

Among the many technical elements which can be localized are:

  • Date and time formats
  • Currency formats
  • Number formats
  • Address and telephone number formats
  • Units of measure, etc.

It is also important to consider the following items: information architecture, theme & navigation, graphics, photographs, audio, and visual.

MasterWord’s Website Localization Approach

Agile localization process practiced by MasterWord is set up to meet the needs of our clients to immediately update translated websites based on the changes made to the master site. MasterWord can integrate with many Content Management Systems (CMS) through a customized connector.

Connector between your website & MasterWord’s Collaborative Translation Environment (CTE) allows to:

  • Flag & automatically extract translatable/changed content
  • Localize in Translation Memory (TM) environment
  • Automatically replace build-ready files back into the CMS in the proper location
  • Greatly reduce the amount of human effort (and errors) required to test, transport, and track localized files
  • Significantly improve the localization to keep up with agile content development.

As a result, MasterWord’s clients benefit from improved agility, sustainability, scalability and increased efficiencies and cost effectiveness of their localization efforts.

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