Training and Assessments for Professionals and Organizations

MasterWord is made up of specialists who work with and for other professionals. Training and development leads to higher standards and reliable outcomes; that is at the very core of our mission. Our Training and Assessments team works tirelessly to prepare, organize, and manage top-level curricula, trainings, and workshops. Whether it is through various electronic media or in the classroom, we put weight behind our educational packages with proven teaching techniques and deep practice models.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

~Chinese Proverb

For Language Professionals

For professional interpreters and translators, we offer trainings and continuous education programs that garner CEUs from professional industry organizations. Our language proficiency and interpreter assessments are proven tools to measure your language efficiency and professional skills, diversify your qualifications, and add value to your resume.

For Organizations

Does your organization need to establish an ongoing training program in cross-cultural sensitivity and cultural competency? Set up a compliant language access program? Improve language resources utilization, such as use of interpreters, or other language related content? We’re committed to making it a reality.


Need employees to put their best foot forward in a foreign country and avoid common pitfalls of cross-cultural communication? Let MasterWord provide language immersions and a directed cultural sensitivity package to make your global business endeavors a success.

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