Frequently asked questions about Video Remote Interpreting

Can I use VRI for all of my interpreting needs?

MasterWord believes that the various options for delivering interpreting services are tools in your language access toolbox. Just like you cannot use a hammer to do the job of a screwdriver, we believe that each interpreting tool should be used for the appropriate situations. So we do not recommend VRI for all of your interpreting encounters. Certain examples can be situation like end of life conversations, doing complicated consent forms, or in certain cases in which the positioning of the patient does not allow for successful communication.

What type of equipment do I need for VRI?

Generally for Video Remote Interpreting, you will need the following:


1) High speed internet access

2) Quality Recent Laptop, computer, tablet

3) Quality Video camera

4) Quality Microphone

5) Quality Speakers

Contact us at 1-866-716-4999 to tell us more about your existing hardware to verify compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions