Whatever your spoken or sign language communication needs might be, MasterWord has a solution for each setting and encounter.

Whether you need in-person, over-the-phone or video remote interpreter assistance or multilingual conference support, we can help. Explore the many interpreting options offered by MasterWord.

Interpreting is more than just transposing one language to another … it is throwing a semantic bridge between two people from different cultures and thought-worlds.

~ Claude Namy (1)


In-Person Interpreting

With over 13,500 qualified language professionals, MasterWord has the resources to provide In-Person Interpreting Services for your language needs. Experienced in the broad range of industry sectors, including Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Government, Energy, and many more, your organization can depend on MasterWord’s in-person interpreting services in over 250 languages.

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American Sign Language

Since 2002, MasterWord has been passionate about providing language access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. MasterWord’s professional certified sign language interpreters are qualified to meet your sign language interpreting needs.

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Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Gain instant telephone access to more than 6,000 remote interpreters in more than 250 languages available. Our live interpreters provide quality and clear access to clients who may not share a common language to communicate.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Seeing is believing; MasterWord’s video remote interpreting makes it possible to see facial expressions of interpreters to confirm the meaning of non-verbal communications through high quality video and sound.

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Balancing Internal & External Resources to Manage Cost and Effectiveness

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(1) Namy, C. (1977). Reflections on the training of simultaneous interpreters: A metalinguistic approach. In Munyangeyo, T., Rabadan-Gomez, M. & Webb, G. (Eds.), Challenges and Opportunities in Public Service Interpreting (p. 21). Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.