Please feel free to use the language access resources below. They are useful when dealing with your non-English speaking clients and community. If you still cannot determine the language you need, call us at 281-589-0810 or email us at


Have you ever had someone on the other end of the phone who didn’t speak English?

Desktop Language ID Poster

Our desktop language ID poster lists 20 of the most common languages.  Display this poster in front desks or other public areas to easily identify the language your non-English speaker needs.


Language ID Card (80+)

In case the language you need to identify is not in our Desktop Language ID poster above, use our 70+language ID list pamphlet for an additional 50+ to identify your non-English speaker language.


Phonetic Greetings/Short Phrases Guide

Use our phonetic greetings and short phrases in 20 languages to briefly communicate with your client to let them know to hold on while you get language assistance.


Available Languages (250+)

Looking for a particular language. Click below to download our sample list of languages available for our various services.

Download Available LanguagesDownload OPI On-Demand Languages


CTE Demo

MasterWord’s Collaborative Translation Environment or CTE is an efficient tool used for translation. It allows for time and cost savings through excellent translation memory and terminology databases management capabilities as well as efficient client review process.

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Plain English Strategies

When communicating with your limited English proficient (LEP) consumers and clients — whether interacting directly or through an interpreter — improve your outcomes with these Plain English Strategies.


Connecting to Language Services

A quick guide of our services and how to connect or request language services from MasterWord.