Women Mean Business – Ludmila Golovine

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How do you run a company that deals in more than 200 languages? Leisa Holland-Nelson discusses language support with Mila Golovine, founder and president of MasterWord Services.

Leisa: Hello, I’m Lisa Holland-Nelson, and welcome to another edition of Women Mean Business where we’re going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. My guest today is Ludmila Golavine, the Founder and President of Masterword Services. Ludmila, welcome to Women Mean Business.

Ludmila: Thank you Lisa for having me on your show..

Leisa: I love having you here, but I want you to tell me about Masterword Services.

Ludmila: Masterword provides language support services. What we basically do is we connect people in business throughout the world and allow them to communicate seamlessly across language and culture so that they can achieve their success and realize their goals.

Leisa: How do you do that?

Ludmila: We work in over 250 languages and we have four divisions. One group provides mostly written support, and that’s where we translate documents for international corporations or for hospitals here domestically. The other group provides face-to-face and over the phone language support. And what you don’t realize is that United States is actually the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Houston speaks over 150 languages. Los Angeles speaks over 500 languages. And so we help all these people communicate. The third group focuses on special project services and that’s when we need to provide language support on the ground in very remote locations. And our fourth group provides training and assessments. We train people how to be an interpreter. So for example, when we work with some languages of limited diffusion, like Dinka, MiMi, or Blackfoot, or any other languages, Keshay, when we find people we assess the language skills. We know that they can fluently speak both languages, and then we help them on how to be an interpreter for that real language.

Leisa: Wow, that’s very impressive. There you have it, another extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things. I’m Leisa Holland-Nelson, President and Co-Founder of Content Active, Houston’s leading web and mobile design and development company. You can find me at contentactive.com or follow me on Twitter @lhnelson. We’ll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.