ISpeakHouston. At MWS, we Speak Houston. Do YOU?

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I Speak Houston project, cleverly coined as “iSpeakHouston”, is Houston’s Language Access Solution, Administrative Policy AP 2-11 – Language Access, formerly known as Executive Order E.O. 1-17– Language Access.

iSpeakHouston’s Purpose
With “I Speak Houston”, the City seeks to establish policies for providing information about Houston City services, programs and activities to residents and visitors with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

Houston is known as a great international city, full of commerce, culture, trade, tourism and great action. As the 4th largest city in the United States, Houston is home to people from all over the world- its residents and visitors speak many different languages. In fact, over 100 in total!

Signed into policy by Mayor Annise Parker, on July 31st, 2013, the iSpeakHouston Language Access Solution, seeks to improve the delivery of city services to Houston’s residents and visitors alike by “[bridging] the access gap and making it easier for residents with limited English proficiency to obtain essential public information and services.”

The policy will apply to ALL city departments. and will aim to implement the translation of essential public information into at least the top 5 languages commonly used by Houston’s diverse  population. 

What does iSpeakHouston mean to the City?

Houston is aiming to provide interpretation and translation services at a city wide level. By implementing this Executive Order, all city departments shall ensure they have both a Language Access policy AND an implementation plan. Assigned Language Access Coordinators will work with the Mayor’s language access designee, the Office of International Communities, which will assist in providing the language services to the public.

MasterWord Services has been providing translation and interpretation services to many agencies, businesses and healthcare institutions in the Houston area for over 21 years. Thanks to Mayor Annise Parker recognizing the pressing needs for a city-wide policy serving our Limited English Proficient residents and visitors, we are looking forward to the launch of the iSpeakHouston. MasterWord’s constant aim is to “connect people across language and culture”, and together we can make Houston a place where we all “Speak Houston”.

Please call us today if you are interested in developing your own Language Access plan, which ultimately helps you reach out to more clients with Limited English Proficiency skills. We can provide you with a  comprehensive plan that takes into account all the required interpretation, translation, cultural training even language assessments. You too can SpeakHouston.

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