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Interpreters will learn how to avoid getting sick, avoid bringing germs TO and FROM the healthcare setting, and avoid being a vector between patients.

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May 5, 2020

Leverage for excellence: Are you using your most powerful tools to make sure that language support is provided effectively throughout your organization?

The organization’s public-facing internet pages and the organizational intranet are your best tools for promoting proper language support in your institution.  As the Language Program Manager, you can guide the organization by designing the Interpreter Services intranet pages and by collaborating deeply on the patient-facing…
Case StudiesGeneralHealthcare
May 1, 2020

Can you relate? Common Clinical Situations Which Cause a Lot of Commotion and Escalate Quickly If Not Attended to Immediately

This section takes a break from presenting one problem-solving story in depth. Instead, we share the crisis management reality of the role of language program manager, with some humor. All of these situations are true stories, and there are a million more stories like them.…


BodyMindResourcesToolsWellness Connection
April 22, 2020

Hand-Washing Can Be Good For Your Soul

BodyMindResourcesToolsWellness Connection
April 22, 2020

Jonathan Sugai – Feel Better by Stretching Your Body