FREE Infection Control and Industrial Safety Training for Medical Interpreters

Interpreters will learn how to avoid getting sick, avoid bringing germs TO and FROM the healthcare setting, and avoid being a vector between patients.

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GeneralIn the News
July 30, 2020

MasterWord Names Yvan Hennecart Vice President of Customer Engagement

Yvan Hennecart Vice President of Customer Engagement MasterWord Services HOUSTON, TX – July 30th, 2020 – We are proud and excited to announce that Yvan Hennecart has joined Masterword as Vice President, Customer Engagement. Hennecart is an executive-level business leader with more than 25 years…
Brock HansenGeneralTranslation & Localization
July 20, 2020

Establish your Vision for a Successful Localization Project

The first step in initiating a localization project is to establish a cohesive and unified vison for all stakeholders: an understanding of the scope; a target audience; what content will be localized; clear definition of the expected results; and how you are going to measure…


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April 22, 2020

Hand-Washing Can Be Good For Your Soul

BodyMindResourcesToolsWellness Connection
April 22, 2020

Jonathan Sugai – Feel Better by Stretching Your Body