How To Request Virtual Interpreting Services

For Group Calls Via A Video Chatting Mobile Application

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Option 1: Virtual meeting set up by you (the client)

We can accommodate requests using your preferred video conferencing platform. For a successful meeting, please ensure the interpreter receives the virtual meeting link prior to the scheduled date/time.

Providing the VIRTUAL meeting link:

  • The best way is to provide a sharable meeting link at the time of your request. We can include the link in your Request Confirmation email and share with the interpreter without any further action on your part. The interpreter will join the virtual meeting as scheduled.


  • If you cannot provide the link at the time of your request, you will receive an Interpreter Confirmation email, which will include the interpreter email address. You must invite or forward your virtual meeting link to the interpreter.


Please note:  If the interpreter does not receive your virtual meeting link, they will have no way of joining your scheduled virtual meeting.

Option 2: Virtual meeting set up by MasterWord

MasterWord can set up virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams platforms using our business level licenses. Let us know which platform you prefer to use when you request services.

Providing the VIRTUAL meeting link:

  • MasterWord will include a virtual meeting link in your Request Confirmation Email.
  • Remember to share the virtual meeting link with your participants. There is no time limit on the meeting duration or number of participants in the meeting.
  • In accordance with our privacy policy, our interpreter will not be able to make outgoing calls or add other participants to the virtual meeting.
  • If your virtual meeting is set up by MasterWord, you do not need a paid account or subscription service. The virtual meeting link will allow you and your participants to join as guest attendees.
  • No further action is required on your part. MasterWord will provide the interpreter with the virtual meeting link and the interpreter will join as scheduled.
How To Request Virtual Interpreting Services

For Virtual Meetings Via A Video Conferencing Platform

  • MasterWord can provide virtual interpreting services via Google Duo, FaceTime and WhatsApp group video calls.
  • When placing your request, indicate which mobile video chatting application you will be using.
  • You will receive an Interpreter Confirmation email with the contact phone number to add to your group video chat at the pre-scheduled time.
  • Please note that in accordance with our privacy policy, our interpreter will not be able to make outgoing calls or add other participants.
Best Practices

Before Your Virtual Meeting

Plan enough time for your virtual meeting

Web conferences go smoother when one person speaks at a time, plan for sufficient amount of time for your virtual meeting to allow for consecutive interpretation.

Web based or desktop application

Depending on your organization’s policies, you may be able to download the desktop version of the video conferencing application for your virtual meeting. Although recommended, it is not necessary, and you can use the web-based apps by simply clicking on your virtual meeting link.

Whether using web-based or desktop application, please ensure you have good internet speed, speakers and mic (we recommend quality headphones with a built-in mic). While video is optional for spoken languages, for American Sign Language (ASL) virtual interpreting you will need a camera.

Below is a list of the most widely used video conferencing platforms. As suggested, please test the video and audio quality and pre-register (if permitted by your organization’s policies) to make things go smoother prior to the pre-scheduled virtual meeting.

  • Please download Zoom application here.
  • Please test video and audio quality by clicking here.
  • Download Lifesize FREE application here.
  • Learn how to use Lifesize as a guest here.
  • Make a test call before your meeting.
  • Please click here and follow the instructions on how to join a virtual Microsoft Teams meeting without a MS Teams account.
  • Make a test call to ensure quality sound and video before your meeting (see Make a Test Call section).
  • Download Cisco WebEx FREE app here.
  • Learn how to use the Cisco WebEx as a guest here.
  • Make a test call before your meeting.
  • Click here to learn how to join a Skype for Business meeting without a Skype for Business account.
  • Please visit this page for more tips on using Skype for Business during the call.
  • To join the GoToMeeting virtual meeting please follow these steps.
  • Test your camera and mic before the meeting by following the steps outlined here.
  • If you are using an iPad or tablet for your virtual meeting, you can download a FREE app here.
Best Practices

During Your Virtual Meeting

  • We recommend that meeting participants log in a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time to test connection and minimize delays due to technical issues. If it is possible to control your environment, please minimize background noise.
  • When using video conferencing applications, it is best if one person speaks at a time.
  • After all participants have joined the meeting, please introduce yourself and the interpreter.
  • During the meeting, speakers should make frequent pauses after each sentence/segment of meaning to allow the interpreter to complete the interpretation. Use these plain English strategies when communicating with limited English proficient individuals.
  • In accordance with our privacy policy, our interpreter will not be able to make outgoing calls or add other participants to any virtual meetings or group calls. Please refer to the above options to see how you can add participants to your virtual meeting.

Technical Or Interpreter Connection Issues?

If you experience any issues joining the virtual meeting that was set up by MasterWord or if the interpreter has not joined the meeting at the scheduled time, please call us immediately at 1-866-716-4999, press Option 1. Our Interpreting Service Coordinators are on standby to assist you with any issues or questions you may have related to virtual interpreting services.


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