Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

What is it Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)?

Our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) Solutions are offered over phone or video to allow participants to join a conference call, or video meeting and listen to the language of their choice.

They allow for simultaneous interpretation that flows as the speaker is talking  and provides for more natural information delivery and greater time efficiency than the more traditional alternative—consecutive interpreting.

As many businesses are moving to the online space, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting allows you to connect with a wider, multilingual audience and distribute your message in an effective way. Remote Interpreting can help you overcome global health challenges or other disruptions to in-person encounters so you can continue assisting your customers and clients remotely.

How does Remote Simultaneous Interpreting work?

Masterword leverages partner technology and provides the qualified interpreters for the sessions, as well as the event management, so you can focus on your presentation, not the interpreting.

The conference call works similarly to other conferencing solutions in which you are provided a meeting link or dial in number.

Participants can dial in or join online to the language channel of their choice. i.e. Spanish speakers join the Spanish floor. While the interpreters are scheduled based on your requirements and language needs, and they log in to the call at the scheduled time for your meeting.

When the presenter begins the call, the interpreter(s) provide(s) the interpreting without additional effort from you or your team. We take care of it all.

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When should I use RSI?

  • International sales presentations
  • Multilingual projects across nations
  • Any conference call with limited English proficient speakers
  • Conferences
  • Panel discussions
  • Online meetings and webinars
  • Seminars

Why should I use RSI?

  • Provide the efficiency and quality of professionally interpreted in-person events remotely
  • No special equipment required
  • Easy to join the desired language channel
  • Cost savings on renting or buying specialized equipment and on-site project management costs
  • Save on interpreter travel, accommodations and other out of pocket expense

Additional information about Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Connect via cell phone, landline or web

Transcription available


International dial-in access for lower cost

Multilingual relay interpreting available up to 8 languages at once

Up to 400 participants*

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