MasterWord is well-versed in legal language solutions

With a broad network of linguists trained in the specialized legal terminology and courtroom protocol, we are able to respond efficiently and promptly to the varied multilingual communication needs of our clients in the legal sector with our comprehensive legal language solutions.

What sets MasterWord’s capabilities apart is that we are uniquely able to provide comprehensive language support, ranging from document translation by qualified legal translators to machine translation for multilingual eDiscovery to court reporting and transcription services for audio or video recordings to interpreting at legal proceedings, interviews and other related encounters by state-certified and independently-qualified interpreters, including those for rarer languages.

Additionally, as a value-added resource for staff court interpreters working within the court system, MasterWord offers access to Wellness Connection, a source of useful tools and techniques that help language professionals recognize and mitigate risks of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and reduce the overall impact of stressors they experience at work.