MasterWord is a leading provider of language support to the legal industry. With an immense network of language professionals, over 13,000 individuals, we are uniquely able to respond efficiently and promptly to client requests.

MasterWord understands the need to respond with thoroughness and flexibility to legal cases that may require translation assistance. Our services include document prioritization and classification, glossaries of terminologies, style guide protocols and even face-to-face interpretation. MasterWord has the resources for seamless communication whether it is interpreting for individuals in legal settings or corporate meetings and events.

What sets MasterWord’s translation capabilities apart from the others is that we are uniquely able to provide comprehensive language support services, ranging from providing continuing education for licensed court interpreters in the state of Texas to handling transcription services for audio or video recordings of legal proceedings. Our team also includes certified court reporters, as well as independently-qualified interpreters for rarer languages.