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MasterWord is a woman-owned business that provides translation, localization, spoken and sign language interpreting, training & assessments, and other language support services to enable language access and ensure success of international organizations, projects, and initiatives.

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MasterWord's Language Services

Interpreting Services
In-person & Remote

Whether you need in-person, over-the-phone or video remote interpreter assistance or multilingual conference support, we can help. Whatever your spoken or sign language communication needs might be, MasterWord has a solution for each setting and encounter.

Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Services

MasterWord recognizes that each encounter is unique in its cultural and linguistic demands and actively customizes service provisions to achieve effective communication access to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind community.

Translation & Localization Services

Our commitment is to meet them by adapting our human resources, production processes and language technology capabilities. We do this across 250+ languages to help you achieve your business success internationally.

Training & Assessments

Professional development leads to higher standards and reliable outcomes; that is at the very core of our mission. Learn more about our online  training and assessment store and platform. Continuing education units/credits are available.

Our recent

Language Industry Blog Posts

HCQ Archive

Language Access Managers Newsletter – 1/2020

In this issue we explore the value of peer groups in helping language program managers fulfill their duties in the most efficient way. We explore the rising expectations for quality in healthcare interpreting and translation, across all stakeholders. We demonstrate how language-related data can improve…
HCQ Archive

Language Access Managers Newsletter – 10/2019

Header for this Issue’s 4 topics: In this edition of our newsletter for Language Program Managers we will begin a series on how to partner with specific groups of colleagues within our health care organization; we will look at how to help reduce preventable re-admits…
HCQ Archive

Language Access Managers Newsletter – 6/2019

In this issue… We use the powerful tools of clinical quality improvement to analyze whether our language access program is helping patients get better. We imagine how smooth and effortless we could make accommodation for patients by using creative ideas.  We look at the critical…
HCQ Archive

Language Access Managers Newsletter – 3/2019

In this edition… We consider how to balance the language support services we provide to patients between internal (staff) and external (agency) sources. We grab the thorny topic of monitoring quality of performance and quality of contracts. We try to stabilize language support when patients enter the surgical realm. And we check out some…

What Our Clients

Say About Us

That article, and my job overall would not be possible without the amazing job that you, your team and the linguists are doing every day, so I really wanted to thank you all for being such a great partner to us!

Ella PętlickaLocalization Program Manager, BetterUp

TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) and MW (MasterWord) have always teamed up to ensure our patients and their families are receiving the best possible care, now more than ever! What a great display of additional resources and organization, outstanding response times. Thank you so much for always being there for us, your collaborations and partnership are highly appreciated.

Sergio HernandezManager Language Services, Texas Children's Hospital