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Regulations and rules- Section 1557

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act- 3 important things to know

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Health and Human Services (HHS) published its final proposed rule implementing the anti-discrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which includes regulations for serving Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. This proposed rule is intended to advance health equity and reduce disparities in health care. Find out the 3 things you need to know now!

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Joint Commission and CLAS Standards

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Since the 1950s The Joint Commission (TJC) has been the most influential hospital accreditation body in the United States. More than 20,500 health care organizations and programs in the United States maintain Joint Commission accreditation by adhering to standards centering on safe and effective care. Joint Commission standards are developed with input from health care professionals, providers, subject matter experts, consumers, government agencies (including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and employers. They are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus and approved by the Board of Commissioners. New standards are added only if they relate to patient safety…

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Critical Business Globalization Lessons From the World Cup Social Media: What You Can Learn from Dutch Airline’s Tweet Fail

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Today I read that the World Cup 2014 final has broken social media records on Facebook. How impressive to know that 88 million people had more than 280 million interactions on Facebook during the game. That’s even bigger than last year’s Super Bowl which resulted in 245 million interactions. We can only imagine what those numbers are for all other social media platforms. It is only valid to consider that there are major lessons to be learned from the power of social media during such global events. This brings us to discuss how another corporate brand fell victim to silly…

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Differences Due to Globalization: Multiculturalism as a Goal for Life and an Aid to Business

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By Ludmila (Mila) Rusakova Golovine Humankind has never lived in such a fast-paced, accessible world. A person can get on a plane and within 24 hours be anywhere around the globe. Similarly, access to information has never been as easy or as fast as it is today. The Internet allows people to communicate from various countries in real time and at a relatively low cost. Concurrently, governments have been breaking down trade barriers and reducing impediments to foreign investments for the last few decades. All of these factors have culminated in the phenomenon that is now commonly referred to as…

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The Legal Case for Alleviating Health Care Disparities

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By: Bruce L. Adelson, Esq., CEO Federal Compliance Consulting LLC and former U.S. Department of Justice Senior Attorney Racial and linguistic health care disparities have been part of America for a long time. We debate, study and discuss the basis for such disparities. Such discussions may now benefit from a directional shift. The Affordable Care Act’s mandates concerning 30-day readmissions, non-discrimination, data collection and patient–centered, outcome based care inform a reoriented focus. Simply put, known and documented health care disparities based on race, color or language that continue unaddressed and unimproved may violate the powerful injunctions of Title VI of…

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Cultural Competence in Health Care

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With the launch of the Office for Civil Rights’ nationwide compliance review and more and more studies showing the positive impact of language services and cultural competency training in health care in patient satisfaction, outcomes, and compliance, financially forward-looking hospital administrators are looking to incorporate the best possible interventions. According to Health and Human Services, as well as the Joint Commission, all health care providers should be receiving cultural competency training on an annual basis, the goal being to break down barriers to quality care. However, not all cultural competency training is equal. In surveying nurses and doctors who have…

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A Lesson in Medical Liability

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Colorado Springs, Colorado January 2007. Two-month-old Luzdeestrella Flores-Rios is checked into Memorial Hospital for a surgery to remove her left kidney. The child’s parents who speak little to no English seemingly consented to the surgery by communicating with the doctor through the couple’s older daughter who speaks English. The couple believed that the procedure would be relatively simple and would help cure their daughter’s condition. This was anything but the case as little Luzdeestrella suffered complete kidney failure, had to be put on dialysis, and placed on a kidney transplant waiting list. In May 2009, the child’s parents sued Memorial…

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