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Localization Project Plan - 6 Thing to ConsiderBrock HansenGeneralTranslation & Localization
February 3, 2020

6 Steps to Creating a
Localization Project Plan

When beginning a localization project, it can often be intimidating, overwhelming, and daunting. To break down and organize your project there are a few steps that are essential to dissecting a localization project into its component parts and processes. This will require you to have…
GeneralHealthcareProgram Management
January 16, 2020

Together We are Smarter! Creating a Support Network of Peer Language Program Managers

Language program managers in hospital and clinic systems gain valuable knowledge from forming networks with peers. There is no national professional network of language program managers on the order of those that exist for other health management groups such as nurse managers, radiology managers, or…
Qualified interpreter or translatorComplianceGeneralHealthcare
January 16, 2020

Moving goalposts? What is the latest profile of a qualified interpreter or translator, and how often are we achieving effective communication?

We in the healthcare sector have come far in the last few years, actively discussing what is adequate performance in terms of our language support professionals and programs. Let’s look at all the different stakeholders and see how their expectations have matured. And then let’s…


Our wellness tips and tools help interpreters and other language professionals recognize, prevent and cope with vicarious trauma that they may experience in their work.

Winnie-Heh-wellness-quoteBodyDuring encounterFor Language ProfessionalsMindTools
April 27, 2018

Compassion Fatigue is Real for Interpreters

Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are real. Interpreters, please take the time to take care of yourselves. Click here to continue reading Winnie Heh's post on Compassion Fatigue.
May 3, 2017

“I can’t meditate!” If you’ve ever said or thought this, this article is for you.

One of my most valuable yoga lessons came from a beginner class, where the instructor said to all the First-Time Yogis, "When I hear people say, 'I can't do yoga,' I respond by asking, 'Can you breathe? Then you can do yoga.'" The Psychologist Belisa…
March 1, 2017

Long hours in front of a computer? Then… you should know this!

Too close to the screen, not good for the eyes.Hunched over, bad posture, back pains.Leaning forward, bad posture, leads to hunched back. Linguists spend a lot of time in front of a computer, in a car and on their phones. In addition, not all of…