Training that has an Impact

By March 18, 2014March 25th, 2020General

In almost every seminar I deliver there are always one or two participants who come up to me and say, “I normally hate taking classes, but this was different. I’m ready to use this stuff!” Beyond the pleasant surprise, there is a lot that can be gleaned from this simple comment.

“I normally hate taking classes…”

For many people, words like class and learning conjure images of childhood classrooms or monotonous new-hire orientations. There is a teacher or a manager at the front of the room lecturing on topics or points she thinks are important, referring to or perhaps reading directly from slides saturated with text. This is not an experience conducive to adult learning.

“I’m ready to use this stuff!”

As adults what type of learning experience truly impacts us? The answer is training that solves a real problem we face, that we can connect to our experiences in life, and is presented using techniques that strengthen those all-important synapses between our neurons. The more important the need for a solution, the more motivation we have to learn. The more we can relate what we are learning to our existing knowledge and experience, the more application we can make of the material. And when an instructor or facilitator knows how people learn and remember information, participants have the motivation, state of mind, and understanding to adopt the new strategies being presented.

Over the last 30 years a tremendous amount of research has been done investigating how adults learn. Many popular learning models came into existence that promoted ideas such as focusing on “learning styles” that over the last five years have proven to be seriously flawed. (See the Popular Science article “Everything You’ve Ever Been Told About What You Learn Is a Lie.”) Research has, however, demonstrated that certain strategies can improve the usefulness of training by over 400%.

“…this was different.”

An instructor armed with the right tools, the ability to read the motivations, responsiveness and attention of participants has an enormous impact on adults whose learning she facilitates. The Master Trainer uses powerful language and energy calibrated to a class so that learning is accelerated. She has the tools and the know-how, and those she instructs take away more from an hour with her than eight in a traditional training environment.


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