Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Linguists

At MasterWord we love our linguists! We couldn’t do it without you. Maybe you have already reflected on what went well or poorly in 2021 and what you want to tackle for 2022. Maybe you’re thinking about that this week. Here are some ideas. 

1. Update your resume.

Why? Updating your resume every year will get you thinking about what new services you can provide and where you grew in 2021. In turn, that can spark ideas about who you would like to work for or what you want to do more of. And who to tell about it! 

2. Plan to post regular updates on your LinkedIn profile.

Why? To increase your visibility. We all need our memory jogged from time to time. That post you shared or comment you made may bring your name to mind the next time your dream client needs to source a new linguist. At a blank for ideas? Sharing a mixture of new content and articles you have enjoyed or notices about upcoming events you’ll attend works for many.  

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3. Decide on a training course to build your language or subject-matter expertise.

Why? Because if you’re not growing your skills, you are losing them. If you are working on language skills, remember to think about improving both your source and target, your A and B languages! Don’t focus on only one part of the equation. If you want to work in a new subject, the world’s your oyster! Search courses on the MasterWord Institute if you want to learn about a new field for translation or interpreting.

4. Contact potential new clients. How many and how often? You set the goal!

Why? The obvious! Sometimes clients come to us, but we should all market ourselves. And you can use number 1) and send the updated resume to your ideal clients. 

5. Increase your activity in a professional association for translators or interpreters.

Why? Because you will build a network of colleagues who may refer you for work, and because it makes all the above much easier to achieve these things with a supportive group of your peers. 

Have you done any of these yet this year? We hope you enjoy the process and achieve great things! 


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