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I’m Already Bilingual, What Could I Possibly Need to Learn to Interpret in Court?

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Let’s just start with basic language.  Speaking a second language even on an everyday basis doesn’t mean you are speaking the languages used in legal settings.  Yes, I said languages.  There are at least five different languages spoken in any given court assignment or setting and you will need to immediately interpret without paraphrasing, omitting, or substituting. First you have English, the language you hear every day.  Then you have the English legalese spoken by the attorneys or Judge when they are speaking to the witness, to each other or to the jury.  Also each case has specific subject matter…

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Responding to Subpoenas: An Interpreter’s Growing Concern

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by Whitney Gissell Professional interpreters have long been skilled at navigating difficult ethical dilemmas. When facing these ethical dilemmas a swift, yet well thought-out decision must be made and is guided by the code of ethics. For example, in a true dilemma when one tenet of the code is in conflict with another, the interpreter must decide which tenet to sacrifice and which to uphold.  However, what is an interpreter to do when the code of ethics is in conflict with the law? It has been a growing trend that interpreters are being subpoenaed to testify about something they may…

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