Recount of A&M Prairie View’s Hub Vendor Fair 2012

By June 7, 2012Uncategorized

Andrew Vonk: On Wednesday, my colleague and I presented at the 2012 Annual HUB Vendor Fair at Texas A&M University’s Prairie View campus. It gave us the unique opportunity to meet face to face with their faculty and staff, thereby allowing us to briefly introduce MasterWord Services and the many things that we can assist them with. Everyone that came by our booth was extremely positive and polite; I was a little let down that the event only went on for 3 hours as there were so many conversations that I wanted to continue. I left the fair with confidence that these wonderful people would soon be enlisting us for their language needs, as there seemed to be a prior lack of supply to match their demand. All in all, it was a memorable experience that will hopefully grow into lasting relationships with the PVAMU staff that we encountered!


Aaron Larson: Overall, I believe it was a greatly informative experience at PVAMU for me as a relatively new employee due to the presence of potential clients who were unaware of the existence of a company such as MasterWord.  Their curiosity in our services was piqued by their interest in potential future projects, especially for faculty who handle research projects published in languages other than English.  It is my conviction that it is important for MasterWord to establish a presence at college campuses not only for the use of faculty, but also for students of varying academic disciplines who can provide vendor services as well as seek linguistic consultation for deciphering engineering and IT based research often published in German, French, or Japanese.  I believe our presence was noted by all who attended. I definitely look forward to feedback and future correspondence from the attendees.