Preventing and Responding: MasterWord’s Commitment and Actions to Fighting Human Trafficking

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With human trafficking as prevalent as ever, here at MasterWord, we are committed to using every resource available to us to combat this heinous industry.

The human trafficking industry generates 150 billion dollars per year. Without even realizing it, we have all encountered someone who has been trafficked, and by the time you finish this article, three children will have been sold into slavery.

Human trafficking’s ever-growing prevalence calls on us all to stop these egregious violations of human rights. MasterWord is an active member of TBAT, the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force, the Provide Support Working Group, and we have been asked to gather resources on behalf of the Office of the Texas Governor, linked here.

Immediately, our team went about creating language resource lists for frequently targeted communities and investigated how improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and increasing culturally and physically accessible materials can create safer recovery spaces for survivors. The language resource lists target language and social communities, such as those with Limited English Proficiency, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Indigenous, and the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. We hope that accessible resources will bring an impactful change for survivors and increase their access to support services.

The harsh reality of human trafficking is that it transcends language. At MasterWord we are determined to do all we can for survivors by making their world safer and more accessible.


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