My Mission is to Create Businesses of Change

Elesa LeCompte-Channell divides her day between unpacking new marketing concepts, developing entrepreneurial ideas, running her own business, connecting with her family and friends and, of course, earning her degree. She’s the deserving recipient of the MasterWord Endowed Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship Scholarship for the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE) Class of 2023, the No.1 entrepreneurship program in the United States for the fourth consecutive year.

Despite the heavy workload, Elesa is determined to learn as much as possible:

“Because of the entrepreneurship program, I’ve become more active in my classes and actively look for campus opportunities to better myself, personally and professionally.” In working with others, she has gleaned other insights. Elesa says she has been inspired by the stories of the people she has met and looks forward to telling her own meaningful story someday.

Elesa says that her “hope, dream, and goal for the future is to become a change-maker.” “Dream, create, hustle is my tagline. My mission is to ‘create businesses of change, inspiring and uplifting others, to create dreams.’ Creating the vision of myself as a ‘confident inspirational dreamer and change maker, who creates and hustles.’”

In 2022, a meager 13% of students received private scholarship to pay university fees.

“I think the extra time spent focusing on quality work is where true learning happens,” says Elesa, “However, as a student, this can be hard when financial responsibilities pull you in all directions”

Elesa explains that this scholarship has not just helped ease her financial burden, it inspires her to continue pursuing her dreams:

“MasterWord has inspired me most in its generosity and kindness. It was amazing to meet [Lud]Mila and to learn she was an early alumna of the WCE program. It was inspiring to see what she has created, and the energy in her employees. I never thought I would meet someone who is the vision I had in my mind of who I wanted to be when I grow up, but there she was…This vision is clear, and it shines through in the people I have met. This is a generous and kind company in more ways than one, from the business model to its people. I hope to create a business that exemplifies these traits in one way or another. Scratch that. I will! And in my own way, with the tools I have learned in college and from others.”

The team at MasterWord congratulates Elesa on her tenacity and making bold steps towards a fulfilling career. We are honored to support the work of the teachers, mentors, and students of the University of Houston Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, and applaud the Class of 2023 for their commitment to the program.


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