Mindful Walking

By February 15, 2016Mind, Outside encounter, Tools

This is a walking practice. Remember to maintain enough awareness of your physical environment to be safe.

  1. Find a suitable location for mindful walking. A relatively long and straight journey on an even surface, without vehicular traffic or other dangerous obstructions such as stairs or curbs would be a good situation.

  2. Take three deep breaths and relax your body as you exhale, then begin breathing naturally.

  3. Walk at an even and comfortable pace. Keep your eyes open and maintain a gentle awareness of your surroundings.

  4. Become aware of the general tactile sensation in the sole of your feet as you walk. You may choose to focus on the center of each sole.

  5. Mentally note the sequence of the movement of your feet. For example: right heel up, swing forward, step down, left heel up, swing forward, step down, and so forth.

  6. Maintain your awareness at your feet as you walk. Do not react to distractions or other thoughts. With evenness of mind, continue to keep your attention on the soles of the feet.