MasterWord and UAHT Stand Against Human Trafficking

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MasterWord recently had the honor of sponsoring an important event to fight against human trafficking and bring together survivors to share their stories. Radiate Hope: A Luncheon to End Human Trafficking was an event created by United Against Human Trafficking (UAHT) that served as a panel discussion for individuals who have overcome human trafficking and what we can do to recognize it in its various forms.

United Against Human Trafficking

UAHT is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing exploitation, empowering survivors, and educating the community (whether it be professionals, first responders, or community members) on how to recognize and address human trafficking situations. Houston, Texas is one of the top city centers for human trafficking in the country, and it is estimated that over 313,000 people are trafficked in Texas each year. [1] This egregious industry generates over $150 billion each year. If survivors’ voices aren’t heard, steps can’t be taken to end the seemingly limitless supply and demand.

Frankie Estrada speaks at Radiate Hope

Frankie Estrada, a MasterWord employee, knows all too well why the voices of survivors are so important. 

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Speaking at the luncheon, she shared her passion for helping those who have been affected by human trafficking. Frankie has been approached by traffickers in the past. She has seen first-hand the effects of abuse on those who have been trafficked and the difficulty they face being integrated back into society after escaping. Inspired by the bravery and resilience of survivors, Frankie explained that on her first day of work with MasterWord, she met two Jain Monks who were being interviewed by Ludmila Golovine, MasterWord’s CEO, about their film Surviving Sex Trafficking. Though she wasn’t sure what working for MasterWord would be like, her very first experience showed her just how much her goals and passions aligned with Ludmila’s. She soon learned that Ludmila wasn’t just supporting the work of the Jain Monks through an interview, but that MasterWord was also an executive producer of the film!

MasterWord continually supports anti-human trafficking efforts by supporting organizations like UAHT, serving on the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Taskforce, the Texas Businesses Against Trafficking (TBAT), and providing interpreters and document translation at no cost for the cause.


Want to learn more about what you can do to recognize the signs of human trafficking?

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