Ludmila Golovine now part of the Advisory Board of Translation Commons

By March 12, 2019 April 30th, 2019 General, In the News

We are proud to announce that Ludmila Golovine, President & CEO of MasterWord, is now part of the Advisory Board of Translation Commons.

For more information about Translation Commons Advisory Board & Board of Directors visit

Translation Commons is a non-profit that provides an online platform for language professionals to exchange knowledge one of the many tools available through Translation Commons is called “Groups.” Groups provide a platform to gather like-minded volunteers so they may unite their efforts into a common goal and put wonderful ideas into action.1

Ludmila is part of the Professors and Lecturers Group within Translation Commons, who’s mission statement is to Facilitate professional communication between professors from different universities and countries to achieve excellent quality of education in translation and interpretation.2

The Professors and Lecturers Group is a space where instructors from different universities all over the world can collaborate and share resources in order to achieve an excellent quality of education in localization, translation, and interpretation. This group also provides a bridge between academia and the professional world, by helping educators promote the profession of translation, interpreting and localization, creating contacts for possible internships, exchanges, and opportunities for students to get hands on training.3

If you are interested in learning more and staying up to date with this group’s news and information, visit

We encourage you to register on Translation Commons to learn more about all the tools and resources they have to offer.


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