Language Access Managers Newsletter – 6/2019

By May 18, 2020HCQ Archive

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We use the powerful tools of clinical quality improvement to analyze whether our language access program is helping patients get better. We imagine how smooth and effortless we could make accommodation for patients by using creative ideas.  We look at the critical importance of alerts in the medical record to remind the care team to use language support and communication accommodations.  And we give language program managers an additional title: Manager of Communication Technology.

Clinical Quality Improvement and Language Access

Checking off the box or actually making a difference? How do you know if the language support provided in your HC organization is effective and sufficient?

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Barriers are Falling! The Future of Accessibility for  Deaf, Blind, and Non-English-Speaking Patients

Healthcare entities are just beginning to visualize what is needed for equal access and accommodation. Organizations will be held accountable for providing access such as these scenarios in the near future.

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In Technology in My Job Description? Managing the Tech Devices and Installations Needed for Language Support

Many language access program managers have a background in language support or patient access. Few have experience with configuring or managing communication technology.

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ALERT! Patient Needs Accommodation!

Why should patients have to explain their needs and requirements over and over to every staff person and provider? Could an Accommodation alert on the EMR detailing the patient’s accommodation be the answer?

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Resources and News

State Law Requirements Addressing Language Needs in Health Care

This tool outlines language access requirements in each state.

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Assistive Technology, Accommodations & The ADA

An overview of many accommodations that could be necessary to comply with ADA requirements.

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Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

See the proposed changes to Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

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Serving People at the Moment of Death – Upcoming Event

This event will take place in Houston, TX, and is  also available to view online.

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