Language Access Managers Newsletter – 5/2020

By May 15, 2020HCQ Archive

Build your relationship with the Registration Director to assure solid patient language data. Discover the many ways that agency and staff interpreters can incur liability for the organization. Have some laughs about the crazy situations that pop up in language access on a daily basis. Realize that you can achieve many of your language access goals by leveraging your department intranet pages. Walk in the shoes of the patient to see what is needed to make the public-facing internet pages and the patient portal accessible to all.

Partnering with the Registration or Patient Access Director—Befriending the gatekeeper of good demographic data

Effective language support rests on a foundation of accurate information about patient needs. The inpatient bedside nurse coming on shift at 7 am needs to know what interpreter language to ask for on the video remote device as he prepares to wake the patient for doctor rounds. How frustrating for staff when there is no language documented, or when the language listed is wrong or incomplete.

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Avoiding dings from Joint Commission and DNV: How can interpreters and language companies incur liability for the organization?

By far the most common cause of regulatory ding or financial penalty is the failure of the organization to secure or provide language support. These cases come to light when either the patient was harmed, or the patient complained. Many additional instances of failure to provide language support crop up when onsite regulatory surveyors use the patient tracer method to review a number of random patient files to see if all processes were followed…

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Leverage for excellence: Are you using your most powerful tools to make sure that language support is provided effectively throughout your organization?

The organization’s public-facing internet pages and the organizational intranet are your best tools for promoting proper language support in your institution. As the Language Program Manager, you can guide the organization by designing the Interpreter Services intranet pages and by collaborating deeply on the patient-facing internet pages and on the patient portal.

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Can you relate? Common clinical situations which cause a lot of commotion and escalate quickly if not attended to immediately.

Remember the 80/20 rule? We spend 80% of our time on 20% of the encounters needing language support. This section takes a break from presenting one problem-solving story in depth. Instead, we share the crisis management reality of the role of language program manager, with some humor. All of these situations are true stories, and there are a million more stories like them…

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Resources and News

MasterWord’s COVID-19 HUB

MasterWord’s COVID-19 Language Support HUB has tools and resources to help you manage the current pandemic.

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Center for Disease Control

CDC translated materials, including information about specific pathogens such as the SARS CoV-2 virus and vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Health Journalism

A foundation for healthcare managers to understand some of the barriers inherent in the use of patient portals to funnel patient access through.

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U.S. Department of Justice

Federal government guidance document outlining requirements to providing language support and to notify public of availability.

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