Language Access Managers Newsletter – 12/2018

By May 18, 2020HCQ Archive

We get to celebrate the value of bilingual staff and providers, while outlining their scope of work. We put the goals of patients back in the center of the care process, at the same time honoring the real intent of regulations around cultural competence. We see a process improvement project unfold between an interdisciplinary provider team and interpreter services department. And we amplify our toolbox of language support methods into an inter-connected, dynamic matrix of continuous support for all aspects of a patient’s care episode.

Bilingual Staff and Providers: How do they fit into the organization?

Is your organization benefitting from the language skills of your staff, such as Munira, the nurse on evening Post-partum shift, and Sanjay, the doctor heading up the Cardiology clinic?

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Cultural competence eliminates non-compliance

Does anyone in your organization bemoan the “non-compliance” of patients who no-show for appointments or do not take their meds as prescribed?

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Dynamic matrix of modalities of language support

Help your clinical unit supervisors map out the many inter-connecting ways that language support can be used during any patient’s episode of care.

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Interpreting for child development assessments: special training

Do you get complaints from interpreters or providers on certain units more than on others? This may be an opportunity to create specialized interpreting protocols.

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Resources and News

CLAS Standards

A Practical Guide to Implementing the National CLAS Standards: For Racial, Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities, People with Disabilities and Sexual and Gender Minorities.

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Catie Center
at St. Catherine University

provides academic training for ASL and spoken language interpreters in health care and mental health.

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NCIHC Standards of Practice

a great tool to use in staff interpreter training and as an explanation to clinical staff as to why professional interpreters handle situations in certain ways.

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Migration Policy Institute

provides in-depth information about many topics of interest to managers of language access programs. You can subscribe to the free updates.

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