Language Access Managers Newsletter – 10/2018

By May 15, 2020May 18th, 2020HCQ Archive

Welcome to this first edition of our newsletter for language access program managers, which brings you fresh ideas that you can use in supporting patients with a full range of communication support. In this Quarter’s issue, you will find tips and tools for: influencing the level of qualification of the interpreters you use, serving patients who do not read, and translation cost-saving tips. We have also included a Case Study about how one hospital provided access to a recent immigrant with low language skills.


Four Translation Cost-Saving Tips for Healthcare Organizations

So much of the United States healthcare system depends on written material. How does your organization triage the need for translation?

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Patient Education for Patients Who Do Not Read

Imagine a patient who has a language need AND who does not read fluently in any language. How to do patient education about self-care?

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Influence the Level of Qualification of Medical Interpreters Who See Your Patients

For medical interpreters and translators, what counts as “qualified” today? Do you have staff who never had any formal interpreter training?

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Informed Consent for a Patient with Low Language Skills

What amazing communication duct tape have you devised to help the patient with no language skills communicate with his care team?

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Resources and News

Migration Policy Institute

provides in-depth information about many topics of interest to managers of language access programs. You can subscribe to the free updates.

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Bloomberg Law

reports on language access compliance with Sections 1557 and why more litigation related to language access could be on the horizon.

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Immunization Action Coalition

publishes free translated immunization materials for use in clinics. These materials are a very good training aid for interpreters to learn the terminology of infectious disease.

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National Council on
Interpreting in Healthcare

An individual or institutional membership allows unlimited access to six years’ worth of webinars about critical issues and trends in medical interpreting.

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