Introducing a Viable Alternative to In-Person Interpreting

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The current COVID-19 outbreak is forcing organizations around the world to rethink the way they conduct business; it is causing a fast transition to virtual platforms to facilitate timely and accurate communication, including interactions with individuals with limited English proficiency and those who have communication access needs.

Virtual Interpreting:
An Alternative to In-Person Interpreting

In an effort to accommodate social distancing measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure effective communication, MasterWord Inc. now offers virtual interpreting services via some of the most popular video conferencing platforms as a complement to in person interpreting in situations where traditional remote services (over the phone and video remote) are not a preferred modality of providing language access — classroom settings; allowance for numerous participants; mental health; parent teacher meetings; social service encounters with families; etc. This innovative process guarantees a seamless transition to applications such as Zoom, and other web-based platforms available, while enabling access to American Sign Language and Spoken Language Interpretation.

While MasterWord Inc. is introducing this supplemental modality of interpreting during this critical period, the company continues to provide all their services without disruption. This includes in person interpreting, over the phone and video remote interpreting, translation, localization, training and assessments supporting 250 plus languages including American Sign Language and CART.

“Since 1993, we have strived to connect people across language and culture with innovative solutions. Uninterrupted access to language experts is extremely critical at this time, perhaps more than ever. We will remain at the service of our customers throughout this crisis and continue to fulfil our corporate mission.”

About MasterWord

MasterWord is a woman-owned business founded in 1993 providing translation, localization, spoken and sign language interpreting, translator and interpreter training and assessments, cultural competency training, and other language support services in over 250 languages. MasterWord is committed to Quality Management and has been certified to conformance with the International Organization for Standardization: ISO 9001:2015 certified (Quality Management), ISO 13611:2014 certified (Community Interpreting), and ISO 17100:2015 certified (Translation services).

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