Cultural Competence in Health Care

By May 24, 2013 March 25th, 2020 Culture, General, Healthcare

Cultural Competency

With the launch of the Office for Civil Rights’ nationwide compliance review and more and more studies showing the positive impact of language services and cultural competency training in health care in patient satisfaction, outcomes, and compliance, financially forward-looking hospital administrators are looking to incorporate the best possible interventions.

According to Health and Human Services, as well as the Joint Commission, all health care providers should be receiving cultural competency training on an annual basis, the goal being to break down barriers to quality care.

However, not all cultural competency training is equal. In surveying nurses and doctors who have had exposure to various training options, we saw several key areas in which most courses were falling short. One of these key areas is the need for instruction on techniques that are directly implementable on the job.

As we developed MasterWord’s Cultural Competency Toolkit, our signature training, we set out to create the best, most immediately impacting training available. Health care providers are introduced to our Patient Engagement Model which serves as a strategy for dramatically improving all patient encounters regardless of culture.

The tools students are introduced to in class are designed specifically to respect the mindset of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, and present strategies and tactics that are immediately applicable on the job.

MasterWord’s Cultural Competency Toolkit training revolves around this simple objective:

Introduce a core strategy that makes the jobs of health care providers easier, while at the same time driving up quality of care, patient satisfaction, and revenue, and decreasing unnecessary risk.

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