Common Sense Advisory Ranks MasterWord as Top 10 Language Services Provider

By June 7, 2013In the News

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Language companies of the world are receiving ranking and recognition this year through a report released by Common Sense Advisory, an independent Massachusetts-based market research company. Included with this report is a list of the Top Language Services Providers (LSPs), which ranked MasterWord in the Top 50 Worldwide and Top 10 in North America.

Studies are showing that the language services market is projected to reach US $34.7 billion in 2013 and $43 billion by 2016.

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MasterWord is proud to be included in this list as a Top LSP.

“What a tremendous honor to be recognized and ranked in the top 10 language services providers in North America and in the Top 50 worldwide.  It’s a great milestone for us to achieve in our company’s 20th anniversary year,” said MasterWord’s Founder and CEO Ludmila Rusakova Golovine.  “This significant ranking is a testament to our hard work, innovation and customer-focus.”