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MasterWord Is Recognized by the State of Texas for Efforts in Combating Human Trafficking

Leverage for Excellence: Are You Using Your Most Powerful Tools to Make Sure That Language Support Is Provided Effectively Throughout Your Organization?

The organization’s public-facing internet pages and the organizational intranet are your best tools for promoting proper language support in your institution.  As the Language Program Manager, you can guide the organization by designing the Interpreter Services intranet pages and by collaborating deeply on the patient-facing internet pages and on the patient portal.

Can You Relate? Common Clinical Situations Which Cause a Lot of Commotion and Escalate Quickly If Not Attended to Immediately

Avoiding Dings from Joint Commission and DNV: How Can Interpreters and Language Companies Incur Liability for the Organization?

Partnering with the Registration or Patient Access Director – Befriending the Gatekeeper of Good Demographic Data

Together We Are Smarter! Creating a Support Network of Peer Language Program Managers

Are We Listening? How Hard Do Our Patients with Sensory Deficit Have to Work to Get the Communication Support They Need?

Moving Goalposts? What Is The Latest Profile of a Qualified Interpreter or Translator, and How Often Are We Achieving Effective Communication?

Does Language Support Improve Care? Looking at Care Outcomes with Data About Language Need

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure: Using Tech to Prevent Disaster, or Vice-Versa, Preventing a Tech-Related Interruption to Patient Care

Helping Nurses Make Phone Calls: Language Support Helps Prevent Readmissions of Recently Discharged Hospital Inpatients

No Interpreter Wanted! The Family Refuses an Interpreter Due to Strong Need for Privacy

Contribute to the Bottom Line! Partnering with Inpatient Nurses and Nurse Managers

Stronger Together – Partnering with Key Colleagues

Is Technology in My Job Description? Managing the Tech Devices and Installations Needed for Language Support

Alert! Patient Needs Accommodation!

Barriers are Falling! The Future of Accessibility for Deaf, Blind, and Non-English-speaking Patients

Surgery Black Box – Patient Language Support Scenarios

Uh Oh! Manage Complaints and Quality

Language Program Managers – Balancing Internal and External Resources for Cost and Effectiveness


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