A Day in the Life of Gabriela Siebach

By November 11, 2014Uncategorized

4.1Today, we are happy to present our new series on A Day in the Life of MasterWord Team. Twice a month, we will be giving you an overview of a day in the life of each of our management and staff. We start the series with A Day in the Life of Gabriela Siebach who is the Manager of our Training and Assessments Division and the mastermind behind our successful and increasingly popular webinars, workshops, and intensive training courses. Not many know that Gabriela is also an army veteran and a very loving mother. Read more about Gabriela’s daily activities and Happy Veterans’ Day to you all!

8:00 AM: Breakfast with the Cutie before I send him off to school. Today’s menu includes his favorite: green eggs (AKA hard over-boiled eggs). Funny thing is neither one of us likes the yolk so it is a yummy breakfast for Maximum Destruction – ‘Max’ for short – our overly energetic yellow Labrador, who loves the egg yolks. Even the greenish blue ones that our over-boiled eggs have rendered.


8:30AM: Fighting off traffic one 5 mph stretch at a time, I watch as my phone lights up as new emails add on to the already long list of task awaiting at MasterWord headquarters.

9 AM: Time to tackle the emails. One by one adding to the list. Is there a such thing as a run-on-list?

9:30 AM: Now I can save the world one professional development course or language related assessment at a time. As part of MasterWord’s Training and Assessments Division, my role in ‘Connecting People Across Language and Culture’ is ensuring that those who engage in interlingual communication have the right skills and access to quality professional development. We do this by providing reliable trainings and assessments for bilingual or monolingual personnel as well as interpreters. Our Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA), for instance, not only serves as a tool for evaluating an individual’s interpretation skills, it also provides a good indication of their ability to gain national certification.   Meanwhile, our trainings improve our profession through knowledge and quality. Today, I am collaborating with my team to add another training to our on-demand training offerings, which allow interpreters and translators with inflexible schedules access to professional development anytime.

1 PM: Today we are celebrating a birthday in the office so we all contributed to a mountain of food. YUM!

2 PM: I usually dedicate the afternoon to meetings. Time to work with our technical team, graphic designers, and other experts to make sure our latest training project meets our quality standards. I also have to coordinate with our web development team to ensure that we have updated our webpage with some of the latest resources our team and fellow interpreters have submitted.

4:30 PM: The Training and Assessments Division is also responsible for doing a lot of research, not only for our trainings and assessments development projects, but to keep our community of interpreters informed through our blogs, newsletters, social media, and other communication outlets. We stay tuned for legislative changes and other compliance related news that are important for those of us who translate or interpret as well as those who require these services. The list of research projects for today includes changes to continuing education requirements for certified ASL, legal, and medical interpreters.

6:00 PM: Back to the transit battle ground that is Houston, only this time I have NPR to keep me company.

7:00PM: Home sweet home. On the menu for tonight Legends of Chima followed by Handy Manny, who shares a very important quality with my colleagues and friends: Resourcefulness. Then, La Gallinita Roja and El Gran Granero Rojo, appropriate book choices as this week we are working on the color red.