Guided Meditation by Alejandro Chaoul

By March 25, 2016April 25th, 2019Guided Meditation, Mind, Tools

Dr. Chaoul lead this guided meditation at our January 25th Wellness Event in Houston TX. 

Dr. Chaoul has extensive experience in the area of mind-body practices, both academically and in clinical practice. Since 1999, he has taught in the Medical Center, particularly at MD Anderson Cancer Center, conducting classes with cancer patients and their families as well as teaching at the Rothko Chapel, the Jung Center, and the Esalen Institute. Dr. Chaoul is the author/co-author of various articles and book chapters, focusing on the role of mind-body practices, as well as Tibetan meditation. Additionally, his research and publications focus on mind-body practices in integrative care, examining how these practices can reduce chronic stress, anxiety and sleep disorders and improve quality of life and cognitive function.