A Look Behind the Curtains in Localization: 5 Questions Life Sciences Companies Should Ask Their Language Services Provider

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In the fast-paced, highly regulated life sciences environment, finding the right localization partner can sometimes be challenging. Many available providers don’t have the subject expertise required to properly meet your needs, so you will need to consider key factors as you look for the best provider. Below are five key questions and answers MasterWord suggests you consider when looking for a language services provider (LSP).


What quality accreditations does your company have?

MasterWord maintains a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as it relates to translation, interpreting and other language support services. ​We have also been certified to conformance with these additional international standards, covering our core services.​

ISO LS img

MasterWord addresses the risks and opportunities related to its core processes in accordance with QMS.P6.1, Risk and Opportunity Management Procedure, which meets the requirements of Clause 6.1 of ISO 9001:2015.​ MasterWord evaluates its core processes and implements any changes needed to ensure that these processes achieve their intended results. Change is managed, controlled and documented through internal audits, a nonconformance procedure, management reviews and KPI reviews.​


How do you enable speed to market without compromising quality?

MasterWord has many safeguards in place to ensure quality. Review is an integral part of the workflow and reviewers are responsible for the final quality. Reviewers validate accuracy while also checking the translation against glossaries to ensure consistency. They clean up translation memories to ensure consistency for subsequent translations and they give regular feedback to translators to ensure their continuous training. Our project managers (PMs) choose the best-suited talent from among our linguists for each project based on experience, credentials and subject matter. They follow an extensive quality assurance process outlined in our QMS and ISO certifications, ensuring that all translations are carefully edited, proofread and formatted before reaching our life sciences clients. At the same time, the PMs perform additional quality assurance checks with the help of automation and MasterWord’s advanced collaboration tool that allows us to check for consistency in terminology, syntactic accuracy and other key items. All of these ensure speed to market, since they prevent the errors that cause hurdles and slowdowns.


How do you fine tune localization of translated text to ensure appropriate linguistic and cultural context in the target language?

MasterWord ensures that our translations are culturally and linguistically appropriate by engaging exclusively native speakers who have demonstrated a great degree of cultural sensitivity and understanding in the importance of producing a translation that reads as if the text was created in the target language to begin with, and not like a literal translation. Our project managers also work closely with our translators to ensure they have all the necessary information and context to make the project a success.


How will you work to ensure your services will serve and support our branding when translating content?

MasterWord’s translators are highly experienced with branding guidelines and the translation of marketing and labelling materials. We understand the critical importance of remaining in tune with your brand’s values. At the same time, from the layout point of view, we will ensure that all the regulatory and branding requirements for publishing are met. On those occasions that certain elements of your branding may be inappropriate for a specific country, we will provide our advice on how to localize the content to retain the branding yet also be culturally appropriate.


How would you complete a transition from our current LSP?

MasterWord understands that introducing a new process or transitioning from one system to another is never easy. Change management affects users, administrators, customer service and production staff, and can have a detrimental effect on productivity. Our experience shows that one size does not fit all when it comes to implementation.

MasterWord is technology agnostic, so can use your preferred tools if that is helpful. We have several proprietary and custom processes that can facilitate language services implementation across organizations and departments. Using a structured approach and leading tools, implementation generally starts with needs assessments and a detailed implementation plan that includes specific objectives and desired outcomes, and a change management and communication plan.

About MasterWord:

MasterWord is a trusted translation partner for finance industry customers, helping to deliver global content for over 25 years. We help manage risk and ensure global regulatory compliance set by target countries. By using automated Quality Assurance and KPIs to cover onboarding, transition, terminology and compliance of your multilingual content, MasterWord can help to connect you to global audiences safely and securely.

For more information visit https://www.masterword.com/language-support-life-sciences.


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