Oksana Haby, PMP

On-site Solutions, Project Director

Oksana Haby is the Project Director, On-site Solutions Division. Prior to joining MasterWord in 2005, she worked as a Translator for Tengizchevroil in Tengiz, Kazakhstan. She has diverse expertise with the language services industry due to her experience as a freelance interpreter/translator for international clients. Oksana is responsible for setting up operations for multilingual projects on-site at our clients’ offices where she manages groups of translators, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists. The on-site team manager’s responsibilities also include day-to-day operations such as personnel management, budget considerations and contractual matters, in order to streamline and align the goals of the client regardless of scope of project or complexity.

Oksana graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (South Russia) with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Education. She has a working knowledge of French and is fluent in both English and Russian.